Framery 2Q

from Framery

The full-size meeting room. Framery 2Q is a soundproof meeting space designed for 4-6 people. It’s the best place to co-create, brainstorm and have great meetings. Framery’s superior sound insulation system guarantees that your meetings won’t disturb the office – and the office noise won’t disturb you. 2Q comes with two different layouts. The Standard 2Q has a meeting table with two different height options which makes this layout optimal for laptop use or creative workshopping. The 2Q Lounge variation provides a more casual environment for company meetings, a calm space to retreat to during the work day, or an area for socialization. You can also choose this meeting pod without any furniture, leaving you the option to furnish it however you wish. A low doorstep makes 2Q wheelchair accessible.
Framery 2Q by Framery