from OCL

Glowball™ is a decorative sphere of light that can be used as a stand-alone pendant to punctuate an area, or in multiples to create large scale installations.

OCL’s revolutionary silicone diffuser is what makes Glowball™ unique. Produced using a cutting-edge molding process, the diffuser creates a distinct inner glow surrounded by an ambient “ghosted” outer surface. The diffuser’s silicone properties make it extremely durable and resistant to scratching and cracking. It’s nearly indestructible. It won’t be damaged like glass or acrylic could be. It’s also flexible, so the diffuser will retain its shape if flexed or bent, making it easy to install and remove for maintenance.

Glowball is also available in 90+ CRI for Well Building and FItWel applications.

Glowball by OCL