The Dewey Schools

  • area / size 340,139 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Location Hanoi, Vietnam,
  • DPLUS VIETNAM was given the opportunity to design the Dewey Schools with purpose and distinction in every design choice to model the school’s goals in Hanoi, Vietnam.

    The Dewey Schools inspire students to explore themselves and the potential opportunities in the world around them. The fundamental mission of the school is to cultivate the student’s character development and to serve the community with commitment.

    Key Visual
    Straight lines and curves: Use straight lines to represent the sharpness of space. At the same time, we have used round, curved furniture so that the space is balanced with softness. Flexible switching space creates a variety of images and experiences.

    – Minimalism: Without using sophisticated and complicated designs, we choose minimalism to highlight the really important details and draw the user’s attention to space.
    – Creativity: Creativity can be found more in common spaces to enhance differentiated values and increase interactivity.

    White color is used for the entire space of more than 3000m2. However, depending on the student’s grade level we identify other primary colors representing the preschool, elementary, middle and high school ages, with different tones. We use the theory of 60, 30, 10 in all designs: 60% white, 30% natural materials and 10% hues of focal colors that can attract people’s attention.

    In addition, the system of green trees is distributed from the playground, balconies on the floors and on the roof to create a comfortable, environmentally friendly and close-to-nature learning environment. This has contributed to Gateway’s achievement of Lotus certification, the first green building criteria system developed specifically for the construction market in Vietnam.

    Photography: Nguyen Thai Thach