Elkyda Research and Education Center

  • area / size 2,368 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Location Athens, Greece,
  • KCA created a space for young and curious minds at the Elkyda Research and Education Center in Athens, Greece.

    Elkyda is the research and education center of Charismatheia, a welcoming space, in which students are invited to channel their curiosity, imagination and creativity to change the paradigm of education. The team behind it aimed to re-define the school environment to what it is supposed to be: A place where children will express themselves, develop their skills, gain knowledge but also cover their emotional needs. A School with personality!

    When designing the space, KCA envisioned exactly that: A playful interactive environment with colorful and quirky details in each classroom where students will work on large communal desks, engage with crafty materials and interact with new technologies.

    A large multi-function room allows various space configurations, for small or bigger teams to work, through movable bookcases. Trapezoid desks can be moved around to form different size task teams and a large yellow bench sits at the edge of the room, functioning as an informal working space or viewing platform for larger events.

    At the back end of the space, researchers and teachers work around a communal desk exchanging ideas, planning the curriculum and developing necessary tools that will support educators. The director’s office is a welcoming serene environment, where parents can consult about individual educational pathways depending on their children’s needs, interests, and capabilities.

    Throughout the space, large graphics, and inspirational keywords -upon which the education methods are planned- can be found. Bold, bright colors cover the walls and accompany the students on their learning journey, full of challenges and surprises. Elkyda was designed and planned with a sense of lightness and humor in mind, that will encourage imagination and offer experiences, ultimately, leaving students feeling complete, carrying a treasure of ideas and thoughts.

    Design: KCA
    Design Team: Kostas Chatzigiannis, Stergios Tsarouchas
    Photography: Athina Souli