Christensen & Co Architects

At Christensen & Co Architects, every single project is an opportunity to realise a unique architectural potential. As Danish architects we strive to place people at the centre of all our projects and we strive to create architecture that strengthens and supports social interaction.

As Danish architects, we have a strong tradition of working holistically, which means that the surroundings, the programming, and the users all contribute to the character and identity of our architecture. We build vibrant social environments in close collaboration with the people who populate our buildings. Good architecture makes a difference, and architects with intention, empathy and thoroughness create buildings that can actively change people’s lives. Consequently, we do not have a design manual, but rather see every single project as a unique journey, from abstract idea to physical manifestation.

For us, sustainability is about creating beautiful architecture with progressive, innovative energy solutions that ensure long-lasting quality of life for people and the environment. This means that our buildings, both in terms of their aesthetics, social ambition, materials, and technology are made to last. We ensure high architectural quality, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our designs.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
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