HKS, Inc. is a team of more than 1,400 architects, interior designers, urban designers, scientists, artists, anthropologists and other professionals working together across industries and across the globe to create places that delight, heal and stimulate peak performance. The firm has nurtured a culture of extraordinary people with curious and creative minds who are passionate about delivering elegant solutions. HKS has a dedicated research team that digs deep to discover processes and ideas that improve outcomes for everyone. In everything HKS does, it is mindful of the fragility of all life and of the planet.

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates | Atlanta, GA | Chicago, IL | Dallas (HQ), TX | Denver, CO | Detroit, MI | Fort Worth, TX | Houston, TX | London, England | Los Angeles, CA | Mexico City, NM | Miami, FL | New Delhi, India | New York, NY | Orlando, FL | Phoenix, AZ | Richmond, VA | Salt Lake City, UT | San Diego, CA | San Francisco, CA | Shanghai, China | Singapore, Malaysia | Tampa, FL | Washington, D.C.
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