Karv One Design

In recent years, Karv One has focused on large-scale composite spaces, with more than 50,000 square feet designed area. which offers wonderful experience to over 40 million people every year. Through design, it is able to bring space closer to more people, and get them connected. And through the thoughtful creation of contexts, it turns the audience into participants and even co-creators of the design. In this way, it has managed to change people’s way of life more profoundly. Experienced in planning and designing complexes with multi-dimensional scenes, Karv One has successfully designed many innovative commercial spaces. The idea is to blend those unique local characteristics with the brand design. This combination adds unique value to the brand in the local area. Its clients include well-known real estate developers, cultural space operators, and commercial brand chain stores, etc. with iconic cases of the best cultural innovation space, designer hotels, model-rooms, offices and exhibition halls.

Location: Hong Kong | Singapore | Guangzhou, China | Shenzhen, China | Nanjing, China | Chengdu, China | Wuhan, China
Learn More: http://www.karvone.com/index
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