PANORAMA Design Group

Established in 2003, PANORAMA Design Group has been focusing on planning and designing large-scale composite spaces including Hotel, F&B, Entertainment, Retail, Villa and Showflat. PANORAMA’s planning and design team offers a blend of creative and marketing skills brought together to produce unique and lasting quality design solutions. These solutions consider location based importance, target markets, trends, budget requirements and operations for every size and type. Each environment is assured of a dynamic, vibrant and unique character in its own right.
The company provides consultancy services in Interior Architecture & Branding Solution and receives over 150 international awards including Germany’s iF Design Awards, Red Dot Design Award Winner, US’s IIDA Global Excellence Awards & IDA Design Awards, Japan’s JCD Design Awards Best 100, Taiwan’s TID Design Award, UK’s FX Design Awards, Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Finalist, Singapore’s SIDS Design Award & INSIDE Awards Finalist , Netherland’s Great Indoors Awards Nominee, China’s Most Successful Design Awards, The Ring – [email protected] International Interior Design, Hong Kong’s Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards, Hong Kong Designers Association Global Design Awards, Perspective Design Recognition Awards and Design for Asia Awards. Projects have been featured in numerous international design magazines & journals, e.g. Netherland’s FRAME, Japan’s World Hyper Interiors, Singapore’s d+a, Korea’s Interior World & bob, Taiwan’s Interior & CONDE.

Location: Hong Kong | Shenzhen, China | Chengdu, China | Shanghai, China | Beijing, China |Singapore | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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