Ryusuke Nanki

Architect and creative director, Ryusuke Nanki, was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1984. He was a student of renowned architect, Shigeru Ban, at Tokyo’s Keio University, the Department of Architecture from where he graduated in 2007. He has won awards for his work, such as the gold award for DSA in 2014 and the bronze from AdFest in 2015. Nanki is experienced in a wide range of design, including content direction, exhibition planning, product design and city branding. He’s also worked on special exhibitions such as the first European showing of the “L’art de Rosanjin” exhibition at the Guimet Museum in Paris in 2013 for which his work as head of production and design won him much praise.

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Learn More: http://cargocollective.com/ryusukenanki/
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