Uygur Architects

Uygur Architects, founded in 1986 by Semra Uygur and Özcan Uygur in Ankara, create urban and architectural projects for 30 years. Alongside with remarkable works on cultural and educational buildings, Uygur Architects also have important experiences in large-scale prestigious private and public office buildings. Interpretation of the requirements and the main reason of the building is an important phase of the design process for Uygur Architects and in most cases these are developed and changed together in discussion with the clients as well. Thinking of not only the users, but also the people who are indirectly affected by the building is a common approach in Uygur Architects’ works. They embraced this behaviour as a norm called “Inter-mutual Architecture”. The buildings are developed to make their users feel better and work well, while making the people who see them or walk nearby relish.

Location: Ankara, Turkey
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