from Eureka

The Twin is a luminaire designed to be used in settings where a cozy atmosphere is needed as well as a functional purpose fulfilled Twin has a double-layered shaded, enclosing two separate light sources. The first, a circular LED module, provides soft indirect light between the shades creating a decorative halo effect. A second light source is a powerful central downlight that combines COB (chip-on-board) technology with a polycarbonate TIR (Total Internal Reflection) lens for precise light control. The downlight has a softer edge than a spotlight and offers reduced glare due to its position deep inside the inner shade. Twin is available in three mounting types; ceiling surface, ceiling surface (semi-recessed) and ceiling suspended. The luminaire is offered in two diameters – the small is 10.5 inches (265mm) and the large is 15.75 inches (400mm). The external matte finish has been specially developed in white, light gray, black, navy blue and pale green, offering unique and contemporary palettes for designers.