Amistad Elementary School

  • area / size 47,625 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • ALSC Architects brought maximum daylight and views when designing the new Amistad Elementary School located in Kennewick, Washington.

    The Amistad Elementary School features a central public zone and ‘mixing chamber’. This provides maximum daylight and views to all learning spaces; along with creating outdoor environments that are inviting, safe and secure.

    The site is designed to improve the arrival experience for vehicles, buses, and pedestrians. A well-defined pedestrian corridor was created by relocating the existing parent drop- off. The scale of the two-story building is brought down at the entry, with the single story Administration and Library greeting those that arrive. Learning is brought into the 21st Century by creating opportunities to teach outside of the classroom including features such as a learning stair at the entry, indoor small group instruction and outdoor learning environments.

    Classrooms are organized so that all rooms have direct views to the exterior; maximizing daylighting. Doors are strategically placed within the corridor system to allow classroom areas to be secured during after-hours functions. The administration area is located adjacent to the main entry and is configured to provide optimum site visibility and security at the entry.

    The landscape expresses an implied connection between the entry courtyard and playgrounds, which enliven the public zone. View corridors are created at the classroom wings where small group instruction takes place, allowing daylight to flow into the corridors.

    Design: ALSC Architects
    Photography: Tony Roslund