School № 57

  • area / size 6,458 sqft
  • Completed 2018
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Mia Karlova Interior Design was tasked with creating a space for School № 57 that is multifunctional and stimulating for learning on a small budget in Moscow, Russia.

    The project covers public spaces on several floors of the school building. The idea was to make the same relatively limited space fit to different purposes. A progressive school with high academic achievements was locked in the architectural shell of a very regulated soviet past. It was important to make an environment of freedom, letting new behavioral habits emerge in the school community of young and bright children.

    The layout of the premises remained unchanged, while the project introduced new functional zones to the learning space.

    Public talk area facing a marker wall is equipped with the pouf armchairs. It creates an opportunity to have small lectures, stand-ups or project presentations. Quite area with the cubicles is dedicated to an individual and group work. Structure of the units allows both privacy and transparency crucial for the learning spaces. All walls are covered with smart magnetic, marker and chalkboard paint, allowing to make an interactive use of all available surfaces. Clear and bright color scheme makes learning space both modern and comfortable for long hours being.

    The project rejuvenated school learning environment, which previously suffered from stagnant atmosphere imposed by the old soviet architecture. It was completed within a very limited budget funded by several private investments.

    This school is one of the strongest in the country, well known in the school society for its academic achievements. Completion of this project made a strong social impact triggering other schools to initiate similar projects.

    All furniture and made-to-measure objects were produced by small start-up companies allowing them to enter a new market segment.

    Project goal was not only to change design and functionality of the space, but to create an environment for self-expression and development. It is about the freedom to speak up, think out of the box and express oneself beyond the boundaries of the ordinary.

    The multi-purpose nature of the space was achieved by separating quite educational zones from those devoted to after-class activities. Transformable furniture enables multiple scenarios for individual and group work.

    Architect: Mia Karlova Interior Design
    Photography: Mikhail Loskutov