Youji no Shiro

Be simple: I try not to design too much. Kindergarten is not an amusement park.

To be natural: It is very important that the garden is filled with sunlight and natural wind. Don’t rely too much on mechanical equipment such as air conditioning and lighting.

The toilet is bright: The toilet is designed with windows that are as open as possible so that you can feel the light and the wind. If you take privacy too much and make it closed, children will be scared of the toilet and will not want to go.

Comfortable dining and kitchen: Food is very important for children. Being able to eat with everyone in a comfortable place. And it is important that the food is prepared in a bright, open and clean place.

Use natural materials: Many of the buildings are made of chemical building materials to prevent them from becoming dirty due to the convenience of adults. However, it is more important for children to be more comfortable than being difficult to get dirty. For example, it may feel or smell. Many of the natural materials include them, and the gardens should use such materials.

Don’t worry too much about injury: There are many things to learn from injuries during childhood. So in your childhood you can have some injuries. Excessive safety considerations can lead to adults lacking the ability to avoid danger.

Steps are fun: From the viewpoint of universal design, steps are disliked, but in kindergartens, there should be steps. Children have an element to play just because they have a step, and from such play they can develop their basic physical strength and create a healthy body.

Location: Japan
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