RJ Nursery

  • area / size 11,324 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Location Okayama, Japan,
  • HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro + KIDS DESIGN LABO integrated their skills to complete the imaginative space for RJ Nursery in Okayama, Japan.

    This is newly built for 135 children based on the concept ‘Cultivate Imagination and the Hometown Love. In the past, the owner’s temple was much closer to local people and children were taken more care by them. Not only for praying, but also for shopping, taking a walk and enjoying show tent so that the temple was the place for every neighbor to gather and have a good time. Children play there as well, have a good communication with local people and cultivate their love for hometown. But the good relationship was more and more decreased with the times.

    As the word ‘Manabu’ which means ‘Learn’ in English deprived from ‘Maneru’ which means ‘Imitate’, children learn and grow up by imitating adults’ action in daily life. See senior and learn how to play and control their own body, see parents and learn manners, see local people and learn the culture. This is how children develop their socializing skills.

    In this project, the playground is planned along the front approach to the temple so that children can have more communication and develop their communication skill. The room facing the front approach to the temple has a large window, where children can connect to the local by seeing how visitors worship and greeting with visitors.

    In addition, the toddler’s room on the second floor is connected to the infant’s room on the third floor with climbing net so that more communication among different ages will increase. Juniors grow up by admiring elders, and at the same time elders take care of junior and become conscious of themselves as the elder.

    The copper powder is used for finishing material and sign to install a Japanese traditional style and the essence of the temple. Such an ageable material makes children wonder and stimulates their curiosity. Also, the vertical louver makes chances for children to feel the change of nature like rain, sunlight, shadow and wind, which develops their rich mindset. In these ways, this nursery is the learning place for them to develop their rich mindset while enjoying the change of the seasons and times.

    Design: HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro + KIDS DESIGN LABO
    Photography: Toshinari Soga | Studio BAUHAUS