Mueller Park Junior High School

  • area / size 75,000 sqft
  • Completed 2018
  • MHTN Architects was tasked with updating and modernizing the campus at Mueller Park Junior High School in Bountiful, Utah.

    Located on the benches of Bountiful City, Utah, Mueller Park Junior High School has been a neighborhood anchor since its construction in the early 1980s. The decision to expand the teaching spaces at the school and eliminate 16 portables on-site was the biggest goal of this renovation and addition project. An extensive list of design options were created, budgeted, and vetted with key stakeholders to ensure the final design and remodel met the goals and expectations of Davis School District and local community.

    The Muller Park project includes a 23,000 square foot classroom addition added to the south and east side of the existing school while the entire west front entry has been redesigned to create a new sense of arrival and community presence. Key design features include a new student commons, administrative offices, and collaborative break-out spaces that provide opportunities for student interaction and enhance the overall educational experience. Existing classrooms have been updated to meet 21st Century teaching standards and technology. Lighting and mechanical systems were replaced to create a more efficient and comfortable environment, while energy efficient wall assemblies and window systems improve the thermal envelope. Skylights bring added natural lighting to the media center and custom wall graphics adorn the front entry and commons space. The result is an extended life of the existing structure while creating a successful learning environment.

    Mueller Park Junior High School is a complete school transformation that provides comfortable, inviting, and modern spaces that provide support to its students, teachers, and staff.

    Architect: MHTN Architects
    Design Team: Brian Parker, Scott Later, Joel Burkhart
    Photography: Paul Richer