Nia School

  • area / size 6,512 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Location Mexico City, Mexico,
  • Sulkin Askenazi was tasked with completing a creative, unique, and beautiful learning space for young children at Nia School in Mexico City, Mexico.

    The 600 square meter learning space, NIA SCHOOL, is created to unlock the creative potential of children be-tween two and eight years old through design. With Nia´s first location in Mexico City, it seeks to support the growth of children through environments that allow them to develop their skills through interactive learning.

    The field allows children to move freely between the different flexible spaces. The stage has spaces for movement to exercise the body and mind, as well as two learning rooms that integrate nature into the interior design spaces. Lighting systems are designed to create a comfortable and natural environment.

    The reception has ergonomic furniture for children including wooden buds, seats that are reminiscent of nature and shelves at different heights that allow the space to become a learning station at all times. The classrooms have shelves of geometric wooden modules for learning material and warm reading space with hexagonal rugs mimicking a bee´s nest in which an open learning environment is formed.

    The emerging collaboration hall behind the central corridor is achieved through a game environment enhancing exploration and Discovery. The living room has softer touches such as cork and oak.

    The small architecture firm SulkinAskenazi, based in Mexico City, were inspired by modern design and contempo-rary art while creating this picturesque day care school. The color blocking, pop of baby blue contrasted to blue, was crucial for making this space be inviting to children, whiile also triggering education and exploration. Hopeful-ly this structure will instill a unique appreciating for desiggn in the Young student minds of Mexico City.

    Design: Sulkin Askenazi
    Design Team: Jack Sulkin, Gabriel Askenazi, Fernanda Barrera, Ramon Aguilar, Aidee Lorenzo
    Contractor: Sulkin Askenazi
    Photography: Aldo C Gracia