UniSA Samsung SMARTSchool

  • area / size 6,027 sqft
  • Completed 2018
  • Location Adelaide, Australia,
  • DesignInc was engaged by UniSA to design the Magill Campus Samsung SMARTSchool, a flexible education space designed to connect students, faculty and researchers in Adelaide, Australia.

    UniSA’s Magill Campus Samsung SMARTSchool is a unique teaching, learning and research facility that connects school students, university students, educators and researchers. Designed as a flexible education space which can be configured in multiple ways for researching innovation in teaching and learning approaches, it equips next-generation teachers with hands-on experience in classrooms of the future. A wide variety of emerging technologies that support teaching and learning are integrated into the building, facilitated through UniSA’s partnership with Samsung. The spatial planning enables educators to trial a variety of pedagogical approaches and provides education researchers opportunities to conduct short and long term studies of teaching and learning.

    Architect: DesignInc
    Photography: Brad Griffin