EvenStart Children’s Foundation

  • area / size 18,836 sqft
  • Completed 2017
  • Location Calgary, Canada,
  • NORR designed a space for a EvenStart Children’s Foundation for growth and specific needs in Calgary, Canada.

    EvenStart Children’s Foundation is home to Calgary’s children who are challenged by trauma, violence, abuse, and poverty. The creation of the centre’s new building is backed by the wisdom of 20 years of experience in providing service to at-risk children. It is an environment structured, built, and designed for young children.

    The new centre allows EvenStart to expand by providing service to 60 additional children living in Calgary. In its design, construction, and maintenance, the centre will comprise ergonomic, green, and sustainable products that align with the Reggio philosophy.

    In partnership with the Centron Cares program – designed to give back to the community – Centron has provided their expertise in development and construction by working closely with not-for-profit organizations, such as the Heartland Agency.

    Architect: NORR
    Photography: Jason Dziver