Dexter Early Elementary Complex

  • area / size 145,844 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • TMP Architecture designed the Dexter Early Elementary Complex as an innovative learning space in Dexter, Michigan.

    The Dexter Early Elementary Complex is comprised of two elementary schools connected in the center by two large collaboration spaces. This complex has two separate administrative staffs to manage a student population of 450 students per school.

    The collaboration spaces in the center of the complex provide wide-ranging opportunities for student and staff interaction. Levels of engagement include large group experiences to individual “nests”.

    A central public entrance allows for community use of the collaboration spaces while maintaining the security of the remainder of the complex.

    Dexter Schools envisions partnering with local businesses to expose students to real-world problem solving and to enhance the relevancy of what they are learning in school. The physical connection provides opportunities to interface with the entire population of the complex when desired offering diverse and rich student life.

    The complex is a steel-frame structure that allowed us to enclose the building quickly and accelerate the installation of infrastructure systems. All new construction uses LED lighting which provides a long-lasting and easily dimmable light source throughout. The public toilets are gender-neutral and the lavatories are open to the adjacent lobbies. This facilitates supervision with children in this age group.

    Architect: TMP Architecture
    Design Team: David W. Larson, Laura Casai, Galina T. Mihaylova
    Contractor: Granger Construction
    Photography: Christopher Lark