New Generation Student Dormitories

  • area / size 277,385 sqft
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Renda Helin Design was tasked with designing the New Generation Student Dormitories for their campus in Istanbul, Turkey.

    The main aim of the project is to provide students with comfort in their rooms, in the upper segment in their private areas and to socialize as much as possible through common areas. The dormitories, which accommodate single, triple and quadruple rooms, each have its own bed, closet and study area. These areas are categorized by colors and numbers in order not to cause confusion while students live inside the room. Thus, from the first day, the students can clearly distinguish his / her own spaces from the bathroom drawer to the closet. In the furniture arrangements, storage areas are given as much space as possible and the importance of creating space for basic items such as clothes, blankets and suitcases has been given importance. Each room has its own kitchen niche, refrigerator, toilet, shower and sink for the common use of the students.

    The common areas in both male and female student dormitories are separated and designed by two main functions. These two concepts are defined as quiet common areas with common sound areas. In the communal public areas, the fitness, dining hall, recreation room, interior garden and communal kitchens are gathered in a center next to each other on the basis of the plan and are seperated from the rooms as much as possible. Computer rooms that fall within the scope of silent common areas, library and study areas are arranged in a position closer to the rooms, so that the students can reach quickly. Even if the cinema and karaoke rooms are close to quiet common areas or rooms, noise is prevented by special sound and acoustic isolation.

    In both dormitories, clean air spaces and inner gardens were created. Modules and stairs are designed in which students can socialize and eat in the inner gardens. They can sit and work at the same time. In addition, sports fields, masjid areas, laundries, infirmary rooms, luggage room and places of guidance services have been designed and presented to the students.

    Each corridor, room entrance doors, ceilings and walls are given a special color and corridors are positioned according to this color classification. Thus, a transition system has been designed in such a way that students and even those who do not know the dormitory will not be lost.

    Empty and inactive spaces of Torium Shopping Mall are evaluate in to the dormitories has transformed the existing shopping center into a mixed-use structure and has provided a great advantage for students. Thus, each student can benefit from the shops, cinema, theater, clubs and events . On the other hand, thanks to its location, it has been one of the rare dormitory projects that have no problem of transportation and parking.

    Architect: Renda Helin Design
    Contractor: Torunlar GYO
    Photography: Furkan Uyan