Victoria University – Building C Lecture Theatres

  • area / size 9,579 sqft
  • Completed 2018
  • Location Melbourne, Australia,
  • DesignInc designed the dynamic space of the Building C Lecture Theatres for Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.

    Victoria University envisioned Building C as a learning destination for the entire campus by offering improved amenity and functionality with new lecture theatres, informal study areas and tutorial rooms.

    An innovative re-purposing of existing ground floor areas transforms the space into cutting-edge learning spaces which showcase the future direction for the University.

    Significantly re-thinking of the existing floorplate led to infilling of an existing under-utilised external walkway. The infill creates a new active building edge and internal street that blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior. It provides a dynamic link between the new contemporary teaching and learning spaces and the campus as a whole, together with a sequence of appealing informal study spaces.

    The adoption of biophilic design principles invites students to inhabit and enjoy the spaces and remain on campus for longer.

    The northerly aspect of the new infill floods the area with natural light. Timber shade screens incorporated within the facade create a dynamic and ever-changing space as the movement of the sun throughout the day causes patterns of light to move across the floor.

    Booth seating is incorporated in one of the lecture theatres to enable group collaboration during lectures and provide additional informal student spaces when lectures are not occurring. This design innovation maximises space utilisation for the University and ensures the lecture theatres are in use even when not formally time-tabled.

    This project for Victoria University demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of contemporary tertiary learning and will become a sticky spot on campus for students into the future.

    Architect: DesignInc
    Photography: Dianna Snape