St. Andrew’s Scots School

  • area / size 53,173 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Location Buenos Aires, Argentina,
  • Rosan Bosch Studio designed the St. Andrew’s Scots School with creativity and innovation for students in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Innovative learning meets strong storytelling of Scotland in the new campus at St. Andrew’s Scots School in Buenos Aires. For the bilingual IB school, we have created a holistic learning landscape that activates the school’s Scottish heritage and sets the framework for students’ growth and development.

    Imbued with characteristic Scottish landmarks, the design creates a learning journey through the flat beaches of the lowlands to the rocky and untamed highlands.

    In kindergarten and early years, the students are grouped around the open beach-inspired areas of the Lowlands. The environment offers a flexible and comfortable learning space with padded surfaces, ideal for romping and movement. Each beach has a distinctive coral sculpture to give the space identity and promote a playful learning atmosphere.

    As the students grow older, they move on to the Highlands where their territory gradually expand offering them more choice and autonomy. The imaginative landscape provides a differentiated learning environment, where the students can gather on the basalt columns or concentrate on curvy loungers and couches. They can work hands-on in the makers’ lab, present in the circular Nessie theatre and exhibit their work on the platforms of the exhibition forests.

    In the learning landscapes at St. Andrew’s Scots School, the students are encouraged to explore and learn how to learn independently. The new campus design gives the school a unique identity and fosters the development of 21st Century Skills.

    Architect: Rosan Bosch Studio
    Design Team: Rosan Bosch, Berta Gutiérrez, Carla Viejo Casas, Cristina Rocher, Gabriela Hens Spalla, Irene Parra
    Photography: Kim Wendt