Ripple Library

  • area / size 2,500 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Location Hong Kong, China,
  • Design Action & Associates was tasked with completing the Ripple Library to make the space more attractive for students in Hong Kong,

    Drops falling onto lake cause ripples, as if people acquire knowledge from books, transform information to inspiration by pondering over and over again, ultimately turn into brilliant interpretation.

    The project is under direct subsidy scheme secondary school instituted by government; campus has been worn out over 35 years and associated with problems such as low usage rate of library. In view of this, the designer hopes to beautify the premises and refurbish existing library with warm atmosphere, thereby achieving effective passing on of knowledge, inspiring students and develop a better society for the future.

    Ripple layers on ceiling divide the library into divisions, including discussion area, circulation desk, office, new arrivals counter, study area, reading corner and multi-functional study room. Curved bookshelves together with round shaped table in the center of the library become overlapping ripples, coupled with the pattern on floor and ceiling which are corresponding to each other, making the overall decoration consistent and complete.

    The designer believes that campus is not only a place for learning, but also serves as second home for students. Therefore, a comfortable library is important to give students a sense of belonging. The designer keeps the original windows to ensure adequate lighting, outside the windows there are trees with chirping of cicadas to make students feel like reading in the nature.

    “Nature” – white, green and wooden are the main theme for color and material selection. White color symbolizes sunlight, to bring the sunlight outside the window to every corner of the library through reflection. At the same time, three levels of green are used for decoration, including grass, pine and olive green. Different level of green are planted in every corner of the library, as if every student is one of a kind with their own expertise. In addition, the light-colored wood elements make the space brighter and closer to nature.

    Reading corner by the window is covered with green carpet, together with sunlight refraction, it becomes a natural corner for students to enjoy reading. Information technology is the latest trend of learning, the multimedia learning room in the library with sound-absorbing panels on wall provide a unique audio-visual area for students. Also, the room is decorated with wooden stair seats and colorful cushions for students to enjoy learning. To connect the closed library and students in corridor, some of the original windows are replaced with larger size glass windows.

    Most of the libraries floor plans, bookshelves and counters design are relatively simple and straightforward. Nevertheless, in the limited space, the designer boldly takes the arc as core factor, curved bookshelves are used to separate different area, so that students can enjoy the process of finding books. Arc design maximizes the visual space, making the original small and boring library become a lively and dynamic self-directed learning space.

    Architect: Design Action & Associates
    Photography: courtesy of Design Action & Associates