Murdoch University Student Hub

  • area / size 32,291 sqft
  • Completed 2017
  • Location Perth, Australia,
  • Hames Sharley was tasked with giving students a new space with the Murdoch University Student Hub in Perth, Australia.

    The Student Hub is the largest investment made by Murdoch University to improve the student experience delivered on campus in its 40 year history. This strategic project revolutionises the university’s student facilities and provides a standard of amenity not seen elsewhere in Western Australia. It draws together a number of functions into one cohesive space and becomes a home away from home for students on the South Street campus.

    The return of the Student Guild to Bush Court will reactivate and refresh the Guild’s relevancy and visibility on campus by being within the Centre for Student Life. The Guild’s integration into the new Student Hub was key to gain student buy-in and have students feel that the Hub is truly a student centric place.

    The Hub spaces are flexible, shared and multi-purpose, and allow indoor and outdoor spaces to be better utilised for longer periods. Outdoor spaces of varying sizes that encourage a ‘work/study anywhere’ concept ensure staff and students stay longer and enjoy their time. This is aided by the creation of microclimates externally to provide respite and a point of difference to internal spaces. The blurring of the edges between indoor and outdoor assists in fully utilising all spaces.

    Architect: Hames Sharley
    Photography: Robert Frith