TECH CAMP Learning Space

  • area / size 4,306 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Location Osaka, Japan,
  • Bespoke Architects Inc. successfully designed the flagship location and learning space for TECH CAMP in Osaka, Japan.

    Design of TECH CAMP, one of the largest IT engineering schools in Japan. While competitors are focusing on online education, the company has been steadily increasing its market share by sticking to real-world classroom.

    Instead of the conventional classrooms divided by function, we decided to create one large open space. This is a large classroom of about 400 sqm and is also a place like a large salon. It was planned as a place for various activities such as learning, resting, collaboration and events.

    Along the window area overlooking the surrounding urban view, we installed functions such as cafe, elevated stage and a several different furniture settings to encourage dialogue, making it a place for active communication where people can selectively choose according to the purpose and number of people. In addition, the perimeter zone is blacked out to create a wider boundary between inside and outside, with the intention of making the interior zone a more neutral environment.

    Utilizing the gentle order and function created by the window area as a cue, students and teachers choose a place for lectures, team exercises and chatting depending on the occasional situation, and various activities take place at the same time. Graduates and new students are also free to join in. I expect the flat dialogue that emerges in this environment will create rich connections between people.

    Design: Bespoke Architects Inc.
    Construction: Obayashi Corporation, Recoins Inc.
    Photography: Koujiro Nakajima