Bay Area Children Center

  • area / size 7,428 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • March Studio completed the Bay Area Children Center to be a dynamic place of play and exploration for preschoolers in San Francisco, California.

    Bay Area Children Center prioritizes nature and innovation encouraging children to become healthy, socially-engaged, collaborative and curious explorers. The design is informed by two main strategies around wellbeing: Nature and STEAM education. Biophilic design connects users to nature, indoors and out. The natural playground improves children’s problem-solving abilities, creativity, and physical and social skills through their relationship with nature. Indoors, a living green wall brings the natural environment into a space not directly connected to the outdoors. Grassy rugs, hanging clouds, wood furniture and boulder-like poufs continue a biophilic spirit throughout the interior.

    STEAM-themed graphics and interactive play walls greet children and families in the Lobby. As they enter, they approach the Indoor Laboratory and Multi-Purpose Room: open, shared spaces where children connect and learn specialty curriculum. A bright hallway leads children between Indoor and Outdoor Labs while visually and physically connecting the classrooms. The Outdoor Lab is a dedicated space for science exploration and projects. Movable furniture and equipment allow children to inquire and express ideas in a fluid environment. Opportunities for healthy risk-taking and decision-making are abundant throughout the preschool and play yard.

    Architect: March Studio
    Design Team: Todd Erlandson, Leigh Hoffman, Lara Hoad, Summer Vaughn, Marisol Chinchilla
    Contractor: Dome Construction
    Photography: Whitney Cox