Liceo Europa

  • area / size 6,458 sqft
  • Completed 2016
  • Location Zaragoza, Spain,
  • Rosan Bosch Studio designed a creative learning environment for the preschool Liceo Europa located in Zaragoza, Spain.

    The learning environment for the preschool Liceo Europa a is dynamic space designed with a focus on supporting children’s innate desire to explore through physical movement. This frontier learning environment nurtures creativity and shows the way for how kindergartens should be designed – making sure that children’s lust for learning is nurtured.

    Instead of a classic classroom setup with desks and chairs, a landscape consisting of a cave in a big mountain, a valley and sand dunes where toys and books can be stored and a desert with flexible furnishing now form the setting for many different types of formal and informal learning situations.

    Learning through the body with hands-on learning, physical challenge, teamwork and exposure to music and art are just a few of the learning styles considered integral to young children’s education at the school. Generous capacity for these learning styles has been built into the indoor and outdoor learning environment. By offering overlapping and differentiated learning zones containing areas for knowledge sharing, inspiration and personal challenge, the design supports, develops and engages each young student.

    Not two students are the same, and therefore the optimal learning environment is not the same for everyone. The same applies to learning situations. In some cases, students learn best by being alone, sometimes group work is most optimal and again sometimes when one-way communication is most appropriate.

    Design: Rosan Bosch Studio
    Photographer: Kim Wendt