The Children’s Library in Billund

  • area / size 9,149 sqft
  • Completed 2016
  • Location Billund, Denmark,
  • Type Library,
  • Studio Rosan Bosch designed the inspiring Children’s Library in Billund located in Billund, Denmark.

    The innovative learning environment at the Children’s Library in Billund inspires one to seek knowledge from a child’s perspective of imagination, inspiration and wonder. The library is designed as a learning landscape, with a focus on inspiring children and people of all ages to learn and explore new topics based on a combination of free play, discovery learning and physical movement.

    The unique design is developed to inspire ‘the inner child’ in people of all ages, through a playful and imaginative learning environment that inspires and motivates adults to learn from the child’s perspective. Instead of disciplining children to fit into the adult world, the library design encourages all age groups to interact with children’s intuitive and experimental universe. The unique concept derives from the belief that an intuitive and playful approach will not only motivate children, but also stimulate adults to learn through sudden curiosity and wonder.

    The design prioritizes imaginative furnishings over bookshelves and traditional library interior, the library’s most striking characteristics being a yellow desert with a termite tower, green rice fields and a blue goble, designed to activate new ways of behaving at the library. The design is based on a system of shelves and storage modules built into a landscape that allows for new ways of curating books, music, art and other theme based exhibition elements.

    Architect: Studio Rosan Bosch
    PhotographyKim Wendt