Sheikh Zayed Private Academy

  • area / size 312,153 sqft
  • Completed 2015
  • Studio Rosan Bosch designed Al Ain Educational’s Sheikh Zayed Private Academy located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

    The Sheik Zayed Private Academy is designed to support different learning styles and 21st century educational skills. By offering overlapping and differentiated learning environments, containing areas for knowledge sharing, inspiration and personal challenge, Rosan Bosch Studio’s design supports, develops and engages each student.

    The design combines organized educational spaces with informal educational spaces outside the classroom, thereby extending the learning experience throughout the school. Instead of empty hallways the academy now forms an engaging setting for different learning situations. Amongst the many special designed elements is an organic red bench, meandering through the space enabling collaborative learning sessions and social interaction. Safe and comfortable window niches support individual contemplation and the IT learning labs inspire students to acquire new knowledge. In the learner’s pool colorful ceramic pearls encourage students to dive. Sports and movement are recognized as integral parts of the education process and generous capacity for these disciplines has been built into the indoor learning environment.

    The design refers to the local cultural heritage, with strong visual effects created throughout the school. It draws on references to the desert and natural resources, such as the water channels that have been crucial to life in the region. Artistic graphic design and way finding unfolds in the academy, with references to the local history and subjects, such as mathematics, language and geography.

    The comprehensive building fit out includes approximately 20.000 m2, and has a capacity for 1400 students from KG1 to Gr12. The design concept is a high quality and forward-looking design solution, which meets international standards based on a strong visual identity, with deep respect for the Emirati culture and traditions.

    ArchitectStudio Rosan Bosch
    Design Team: Jeppe Kleinheinz, Matias Grez
    Photography: Kim Wendt