Pueri Domus Perdizes

  • area / size 114,097 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Location São Paulo, Brazil,
  • Perkins&Will created the new unit for the traditional Brazilian school Pueri Domus in the Perdizes neighborhood of São Paulo, Brazil.

    The school was conceived to meet the contemporary teaching and learning needs.

    Technological evolution and unlimited access to real time information have changed the way we consume content, especially the younger generations. The transformation has also created new needs for teaching and learning spaces.

    The edifice is formed by two “wings”, connected by a translucent dome that covers bleachers where students, teachers and parents are received. “It is the heart of the project, where everything happens. In here people meet, interact, trade experiences and knowledge and even study or play between class breaks”, states Douglas. The dome also allows natural lighting to infiltrate the building and the view from the street while also securing privacy and protecting the indoors from insulation. “It creates a welcoming, pleasant ambient”, says Tolaine. “By nighttime, it transforms into an illuminated dome, standing out in the region”.

    Classrooms in Pueri Domus Perdizes have transparent glass partitions. The design also counts with niches where students can focus in individual studies during class breaks.

    Elementary to stimulate creativity, focus and relationships, well-being is the key in the project, that uses Biophilic Design to provide an even more efficient and interesting learning experience. The school has a pocket forest, created by landscaping firm Cardim Arquitetura Paisagística, that counts with native species from the Atlantic Forest. The forest also enhances the surroundings, extending the well-being experience to the school’s neighbors.

    The school was designed and built in record time: 11 months. The mission was accomplished thanks to the use of metallic structure, which not only allowed faster and cleaner construction, but also creating larger spans, favoring natural lighting and ventilation. The wooded brise-soleis also collaborate with this feature while giving the façade a modern visual, making the edifice stand out in the region.

    Design: Perkins&Will
    Design Team: Fernando Vidal, Douglas Tolaine, Renato Siqueira, Lara Kaiser, Danielle Superti, Ana Mello, Fátima Oliveira, Guilherme Ramalho, Anna Beatriz Barros, Ana Thereza Sacchi, José Francisco Santana, Gabriel Freitas and Gabriella Migotto.
    Photography: Rafaela Netto, Renato Navarro