Flowing Chapter – English Giraffe Renovation

  • area / size 6,781 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • DUTS design created the dynamic and multi-functional learning space for English Giraffe Renovation at Flowing Chapter located in Shanghai, China.

    Children are our future. In a multi-dimensional world, children’s space is moving towards to a more multi-functional level, bringing more public cultural exposure and more rich experience for growth. DUTS Design presents its latest space renovation design project, a multi-functional kids space based in Qiantan, Pudong district of Shanghai. In an irregular space with a total area of about 630 square meters, the architectures of DUTSdesign have created a “Flowing Chapter” for children, bringing more new surprise experience.

    Design Inspiration – School on the Flying Carpet
    The original space of the project is irregular shaped, formed by the connection of walls with different angles.

    English, Personality building, multi-knowledge and personal expression are the basic needs of children provided by English Giraffe. Based on functional positioning, an open theater and stage, library with reading space, 8 classrooms, reception and offices for staff need to be put in this irregular space with only 630 square meters. Facing the square with crowds, display window for public shall also be taken into consideration.

    After the design sketch, “A School on the flying magic carpet” was born. Each classroom is independent and be raised in structure to separate from the indoor floor, creating a suspended feeling and aesthetics. Combining horizontal layout together with vertical structure, the space becomes more dynamic, with rich layers, while holding “thin”and “flying” shapes.

    Flowing Chapter — Create immersive exploring journey for Children
    Abstract undulating flow lines are the core of this design project. Oriented by function and experience, we designed a set of imaginative moving lines for children, and named it as “Flowing Chapter”. The open stage, drama classroom, and library are smartly integrated in the scene-based space, like a magic book that attracts children for continuous exploration and have rich experience.

    The main gate of the space is facing the square. Taking into consideration for flow of people in the mall , we created a special “magic tunnel” entrance for the children entering the space from the shopping mall. When the children curiously drilled through the tunnel, they entered the imaginative flowing space.

    The “Open Theater” facing the square is the core of the whole space. The whole hall is designed as a flowing stage, which is a partner for children to learn, rehearse and perform. At the end of each course, there will be a report performance. We are very pleased to see the vivid performance of each child and the deep pride on the face of each parent.

    All classrooms are smartly placed in a quiet area near the “deer neck” to ensure the regularity of the teaching space, while also providing children with a quiet space without external interference. The combination of moving and quiet brings an immersive while professional learning experience.

    Digitalized design – Intelligence empowered spaces layout
    Digital design and new construction technology is used in the design process , used in form generation, structural optimization, elevation simulation, and construction generation. Accurate calculation and countless adjustments make the entire surface directional and topologically continue, organically integrate the reception, stair, stage, Speak Up stage, and keep the continuity of the moving flow in the space. It strengthens the openness of the urban public space, while brings a unique spirit and vitality to the space.

    In the digital age, urban spaces need to create more diverse experiences and life scenarios for people.The passing children stopped all over, shinning in their eyes with surprise. The “Flowing Chapter”, like the unknown beautiful world, opening its doors, waiting for their exploration and discovery.

    Design: DUTS design
    Design Team: Ling Zhong, Yingqi Hu, Toto Hu, Michael Shi, Ying Liu, Ke Xu, Tao Wan
    Photography: Qinshan Wu