Mondodo Kids Town

  • area / size 21,527 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Location Jiaxing, China,
  • X+Living was tasked to instill a sense of imagination and creativity for children visiting Mondodo Kids Town located in Jiaxing, China.

    Everyone has had wild fantasy during their childhood. In Mondodo Kids Town, designers create a dreamy manor with colorful lights, which provides possibilities for children to develop imagination and gain enlightenment.

    Mondodo Kids Town Jiaxing store is divided into five main functional areas. According to the amusement ways of children with different ages, designers have created different play areas. The reception area is a simulated airport. Designers integrated the conveyor belt with different functions like tickets & souvenirs selling, storage, staff office, resting and hand washing. You can tell the time in different time zones by the clocks hung on the wall and notice boards simulating those in the airport have also contributed to the realness of environment and the richness of experience. With a variety of change in utilizing the geometric elements as points, lines and surfaces, the vestibule also adopts bold color contrast to create a striking impression. The dot design, whether on the background wall, the rest chair or the conveyor belt, plays an active role in building the atmosphere and the multi-color lines on the ground are applied on dividing spaces and establishing visual guidance. The rear functional area of the reception stands a giant oil tank at the end of conveyor belt, which carries the functions of staff office and storage. The ticket office also simulates the traffic security facilities to display the intimate service towards the guests.

    Coming in a selection of color blocking hues such as black, white and gold, the game hall appears with a sense of high-fashion. The lighting effect is well integrated with the game machines and the neon light creates lively atmosphere like a dancing party. With the reflection of the mirror ceiling, the space is visually expanded and brings strong visual impact, making the recreation a dreamlike experience. The pixel style font in the signboards throughout the whole place enables the children feel like becoming the game characters, adding special flavors to the immersive experience.

    In the play area for elder children, designers had built a modern city by meticulous arrangement of containers, where it integrates amusement with education. Parents are able to teach their kids in a fun way. Under different scene modules, there are rich functions including occupation experience area, stage performance area, audio-visual reading area. The educational purposes such as parent-child interaction, logical thinking and role playing could all be satisfied. When children need to recharge their batteries, they could enjoy having a rest in the dressing room or other rest areas designed into oil tanks of different colors. Each scene can serve as place for interaction between children and young parents.

    Soft play area is a recreational space tailor-made for children aged 3-5, with an aim to help develop preschool children’s creative ability and cognition. Designers ensure the overall unity of space color matching. Indoor facilities for climbing, drilling and other projects were customized into shapes of childlike things like mezzanine cake or elephant tail, bringing the children infinite imagination space and inspiring them to explore. The wide use of PU leather decorations not only adds fun to the space, but also protects the children from injuries through the playing. A group of luxuriant cacti lies in the core of the sports area, which are actually customized climbers and can be used for elder children to enjoying climbing. Meanwhile, cacti of different sizes conncects the bridge, rest platform and slide in the space, achieving a harmony between aesthetics and functions.

    The design of Mondodo Kids Town focuses on realizing the practicability and functionality of parent-child space. Designers had always held the spiritual core of the enlightenment education and in order to stimulate the real potential and thinking of the children, simulating experiences were naturally incorporated in the design throughout the space. In the ideal paradise with imagination coming true, Mondodo Kides Town, parents are encouraged to establish an intimate interaction with children and educate them through joyful entertainment.

    Firm: X+Living
    Photography: Yijie Hu