Home School International

  • Completed 2020
  • Location Valencia, Spain,
  • Espacios Maestros realized the ambitious project of Home School International as a response to new pedagogical teaching trends in Valencia, Spain.

    Its architecture prioritizes innovation and nurtures wellbeing. There are different learning spaces indoors and outdoors that encourage teamwork and collaboration, stimulate playing and facilitate rest and relaxation. All in connection with nature. Its natural wood playgrounds are designed to boost children’s creativity, as well as physical and social skills. Thanks to its design the teaching and learning process is no longer limited to classroom space.

    The entrance is an impressive double high space. It serves as the heart of the building, with an amphitheatre and multifunctional spaces including the canteen, hangout areas and reading corners. The building mimics the design of Valencia’s traditional local houses called “barraca valenciana”.

    Inside the school, the learning environments are uniquely shaped, blending functionality and innovation in curved profiles, collaborative and adaptive furniture, friendly materials and minimal physical or visual barriers. Thanks to the glass partitions there is a sense of continuity and connectivity throughout the whole space. In addition, special care has been taken in visual and acoustic comfort, prioritizing natural light and adding suspended acoustic panels. The result is a warm and inspiring spatial experience, that has the ability to make one feel like being at “home”.

    Architect: Espacios Maestros
    Photography: courtesy Espacios Maestros