Johnson County Community College – Career and Technical Education Building

  • area / size 72,000 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • BNIM was tasked to design Johnson County Community College’s Career and Technical Education Building to reflect the school’s deep commitment to innovation and technology in Overland Park, Kansas.

    The new Career and Technical Education (CTE) facility at Johnson County Community College (JCCC) will anchor a new career and technical neighborhood on campus, demonstrate the college’s strong commitment to technology and innovation, and provide unique opportunities for collaboration and partnerships. The building will serve as a dynamic academic setting for the programs housed within, including HVAC, electrical, automation, automotive, and continuing education.

    The CTE facility will operate as a high-performance environment and be a living, teaching, and learning laboratory, allowing occupants to observe its inner workings and mechanics. Plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and structural components will be openly visible in strategic locations, giving students and visitors the opportunity to learn from the building systems on a daily basis.

    The project serves as a gateway, designed to integrate and strengthen important campus connections. In addition to providing vibrant interior spaces for learning and instruction, the building is thoughtfully sited to provide rich exterior spaces and unique landscape typologies that vary both in function and style. There will be a large lawn area for active play and shaded hardscape zones for passive gathering and events. Large native meadows of prairie grasses will provide a soft, lush contrast to the refined material expression of the building. Such spaces were carefully conceived to be performative, assisting in both stormwater treatment as well as minimizing long-term maintenance needs.

    Architect: BNIM
    Photography: Michael Robinson, Susan McSpadden, Kelly Callewaert, Hall + Merrick Photographers