Curio Urban Breakout at the Wilhelminasingel

  • area / size 16,145 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Location Breda, Netherlands,
  • studiomfd designed the Curio Urban Breakout at the Wilhelminasingel to offer a dynamic space for developing talent in Breda, The Netherlands.

    Urban Breakout
    Curio, based at Wilhelminasingel in Breda, offers course programmes in economy, administration, logistics and fashion. You can start your own company, become a clothes stylist and learn to match materials and colours. Are your interests more business-oriented? No problem, you can also become a legal assistant, formulate advertising concepts or organise an event!

    Curio provides a place for developing talent to the very top of a chosen profession. By increasing knowledge, it makes a contribution to the labour market and furthers development in the West-Brabant region.

    Meeting Point
    The educational centre, based in the former Sint Ignatius Hospital, is a large multi-functional room at the back of the building. A spacious, unusual room, shaped like a cake wedge, that acts as an important meeting point and break out. The new interior facilitates a range of different functions, used on an annual and even daily basis. The new look & feel is modern to suit its target audience and educational programme. Various colours and wall visuals complement this perfectly, matching the room’s basic colour scheme, including the steel construction.
    In line with the industrial character and height of the multi-functional room, the new interior feels spacious, industrial and urban which supports its intended use as a central meeting point, court, and place to hang out.

    During the day, the court with the large podium staircase is used for lunch. Above the coffee corner with its hot beverage machine, a terrace is located and these areas form the central meeting point, day and night. During events, the large staircase serves as a stage and the court is converted into an auditorium with presentations given from the roof of the coffee bar. Various lounge sets are placed behind the coffee bar and in the covered area next to the stairs, where students can withdraw for informal discussions. On top of the plateau behind the large staircase, they can work on their school assignments in peace. A large area close to the entrance hall has been designated a game zone, offering much needed relaxation during breaks and free periods.

    Architect: studiomfd
    Photography: courtesy of studiomfd