Engelbach Kindergarten

  • area / size 20,451 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Location Lustenau, Austria,
  • Innauer-Matt Architekten designed the unique space for Engelbach Kindergarten located in Lustenau, Austria.

    A place with a homely character that is characterized by an aura of great relaxation. A kindergarten that combines the potential of the place with the requirements of modern pedagogy.

    The outside space plays an important role in this. Accordingly, the new kindergarten is located a bit away from the street and thus creates space for an openly designed, publicly usable space with a high quality of stay. The maximized outdoor area with children’s playground and public playground is oriented towards the Grindel Canal and offers children and residents of the area a high-quality adventure space in the countryside.

    The new kindergarten is designed as a compact, two-storey structure that harbors a multi-layered inner world. Openness to the inside and outside, generous access and communication zones. All areas of the house are connected via three staircases over a short distance and the children’s traffic flows are unbundled at rush hour.

    On the upper floor – on the “Belletage” – the group rooms are equally on one level. The five units with movement space and communication zone function as an independent area within the building. All groups are consistently oriented towards the south-east, which ensures optimal exposure and sunbathing during the core hours of the kindergarten in the morning.

    Weather-protected play terraces expand the functionality of the rooms behind, create a pleasant transition space and convey a strong relationship to the surrounding, high-quality outdoor play area. The simple and straightforward organization of the new kindergarten facilitates orientation and thus forms the ideal conditions for a communicative, learning and play landscape

    The external and internal appearance is characterized by a delicate architectural language, which in its scale finds motifs in the special use. Natural local wood and windows framed in metal characterize the simple yet atmospheric semantics of the house.

    The material concept in the interior creates a mood appropriate to the use, but remains reserved. Solid surfaces made of wood, mineral materials and carefully coordinated colors enrich the room with their pleasant appearance and feel, but leave the children and educators enough freedom to develop themselves.

    The building was created as a mixed construction made of wood and concrete, which can meet today’s energetic and ecological requirements, especially with regard to sustainability. A basic structure of stiffening core walls is supplemented by prefabricated wall and ceiling elements made of wood. The use of high-quality, ecological and regionally available materials, energy-efficient building technology systems and the use of renewable energy protect nature and the environment and make a positive contribution to sustainability.

    Design: Innauer-Matt Architekten
    Photography: Adolf Bereuter