Australian National University – Research School of Social Sciences

  • area / size 139,931 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • Location Canberra, Australia,
  • Hassell created the Research School of Social Sciences to better attract research talent to the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia.

    In a world where higher education institutions are focused on attracting the best research talent and increasing the ‘stickiness’ of campuses, the new Research School of Social Sciences (RSSS) building at The Australian National University (ANU) embraces long standing traditions, whilst delivering an enviable academic workplace.

    Designed as a ‘Forum in the Park,’ the 11,700sqm building focuses on enhancing the research culture of the RSSS by collocating academics to exchange, generate and apply ideas, theories and empirical data to contemporary social and public policy challenges.

    With ingrained flexibility and technology, a combination of both private and shared offices fosters a community of shared ideas between PhD students at differing stages of their candidature, for advice, consolation and camaraderie.

    Highly acoustic separated offices (to support individual focussed research) for academics, PhD candidates and visitors are expressed over five levels, with communal spaces, tea rooms, auditoriums, and outdoor spaces distributed across the first two floors.

    Hassell Senior Associate, Liam Short said typical floors are vertically connected at the arrival points via a communal stair promoting connection, interaction and collaborative serendipity

    School Manager, Research School of Social Sciences, ANU, Russell Buzby said all the department heads within the school have noticed staff, students and visitors attending the campus in-person (even amidst a global pandemic) much more frequently than they did in the old building.

    Design: Hassell
    Design Team: David Homburg, Mariano DeDuonni, Liam Short, Mac Young, Gianna Zandel, Kyrstyan McLeod, Frank Smith, Sia Roussis, Adrian Kenyon, Edward Connelly, Hannah Price, Illia Karagianis, Matias Chadwick, Paul Suter, Sam Wee, Fiona Chong.
    Photography: Mark Syke