Animal Adventure Island

  • area / size 10,764 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • Location Chengdu, China,
  • Fenhom · URO Design Studio completed Animal Adventure Island as a way to give children the freedom to explore and learn apart from their parents in Chengdu, China.

    With the outbreak of the global epidemic, the environmental problems caused by the forest fires in Australia began to arouse people’s reflection: “Is all this the silent protest of nature?” The problem of harmony between man and nature and animals has attracted more and more attention. At the same time, educators in the United States say, letting children grow up freely is becoming a worldwide problem. Now the child 3 years old began to go up all kinds of interest classes, remedial classes, aesthetic education, intellectual education together, the child is more and more unhappy. This anxiety is not unique to China. The educational concept of “Chinese Parenting” often puts the parent-child relationship in a tense state. How to be a relaxed parent, and how to find a balance between study and play?

    Zhang Ying, an architect and interior designer who graduated from Harvard, believes that “the emotion of proper distance” is the core of parent-child communication through her life communication and experience at home and abroad in her creation. Too close is easy to lose the personal space that each person needs for the individual, causing anxiety; too far away will make the parent-child relationship too unfamiliar. The best relationship between parents and children is to keep each other company but leave each other’s spiritual space. “I support what you want to do but I don’t limit what you want to do.” Starting from “emotional design”, Le Bei Home Stay Park focuses on the interaction between parents and children. Four different animals, lion, elephant, zebra and parrot, respectively convey four different personality traits: communication, exploration, courage and wisdom. We hope to build a parent-child paradise with the way of thinking of “learning while playing, playing while learning”. Let the children play in the park, deepen the communication and interaction with their parents, and understand the significance of nature education.

    Design: Fenhom · URO Design Studio
    Design Team: Ying Zhang, Mazie, Bin Xue, Jinzhou Wu, GuoSheng You, XiaoTing Liang
    Photography:  SFAP, 404NF STUDIO