Shanghai British School – Biss Margaret Hamilton Centre

  • area / size 12,917 sqft
  • Completed 2017
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • EVA Architects were given the job of completing the Biss Margaret Hamilton Centre at Shanghai British School in Shanghai, China.

    In our design for the Hamilton center, the original green courtyard space is preserved and reconnected with the building in a brand-new way that is more integrating. In order to encourage and inspire students’ sense of curiosity and imagination, maximum transparency and open space are achieved with the use of floor-to-ceiling glass on both the first and the second floor. This transparency provides students access to the outdoor scenery indoors, allows them to appreciate what nature has to offer throughout the four seasons. Maximizing natural sunlight with our glass design also creates a well-lit space and a sense of vitality.

    The brushed stainless-steel overhang design on the building façade minimizes building load, creates a futuristic sense of lightweights. Interior space is highlighted with the creation of a naturally lit area “Gathering Community”. The combination of the skylight and the sinking area on the ground forms a “spotlight” of the interior space. Soft natural light along with the outdoor green scenery of the area creates a comfortable environment for communal communication where students are allowed to express themselves freely.

    Design: EVA Architects
    Photography: courtesy of EVA Architects