Haslach Primary School and Day Care Center

  • area / size 20,570 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Location Herrenberg, Germany,
  • DREI ARCHITEKTEN used a minimal palette of colors and materials to complete the Haslach Primary School and Day Care Center in Herrenberg, Germany.

    In the Herrenberg district of Haslach, in between residential housing and a field of orchards, right next to a nursery school, a new two-storey building housing three different functions was created. Primarily, it will serve as the replacement for the Haslach Primary School but also as an extension to the adjacent nursery school and a multi-purpose space. Following the principal ‚three functions – three houses‘, the different uses are visible in the building´s body. The pitched roof enhances the structure of the building, while also adapting to the scale of the surrounding roofscape. The timber-clad building complex sets clear boundaries to the North and West, while enclosing the exterior space serving as the schoolyard.

    At the heart of the building, a two storey hall with an open staircase flooded with light connects the teaching areas. The wide, natural lit hallways serve as open learning as well as lounge areas, which are meant to encourage the personal exchange between the pupils.

    Photography: Zooey Braun