St. Bede School – STREAM Classrooms

DRAW Collective implemented functionality and dynamic capabilities when designing the STREAM Classrooms at St. Bede School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

St. Bede School in Pittsburgh’s East End enhanced their curriculum with the design for the new STREAM Center to provide modern learning spaces to advance a STREAM educational initiative and support a curriculum that includes a focus on sustainability.

The project transformed four classrooms creating a focused curriculum hub that includes a new science lab, art lab, project center, and a research lab with an integrated ‘explore capsule’ for
small group collaboration.

The design preserved and exposed classic architectural elements of the nearly 100-year-old school building. Removal of the lay-in ceilings revealed the full height of the original large window openings inviting an abundance of natural light into the classrooms.

Geometric shapes and bright colors add interest to the classrooms to generate genuine excitement for learning.

Design: DRAW Collective
Photography: Ed Massery