Vanke Metropolis Children Entertainment Center

  • area / size 4,381 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • Location Yinchuan, China,
  • Mind Design completed the Vanke Metropolis Children Entertainment Center to encourage innovative thinking, exploration, and play for children in Yinchuan, China.

    Vanke Metropolis was jointly developed by Yinchuan Vanke and Mind Design, aiming to create a new real estate project integrating business, art and life.

    Its comprehensive exhibition area displays regional functions with its family lounge, private banquet area and other relatively private places to enhance owners’ sense of distinguished experience. In addition, Parent-Child Restaurant, independently operated in Children’s Park, is open externally and creates a popular neighborly place.

    Greenism not only matches with the geographical and cultural environment of Yinchuan, a bright pearl in Northwest China, but also displays fascinating green jungle and natural landscape.
    Inside the 5m-high glass curtain wall are large recreation facilities, which are exposed externally and thereby improve the vitality of the community.

    Six major functional zones
    With natural and ecological elements, six major immersive functional areas allow children to feel the nature and carry out their imagination and creation from their senses of sight, touch and hearing.

    Magic Slide & Bubble Pool
    At the entrance are the large slide and bubble pool area which were built with the same shape as the Tree of Life on the Pandora. Also, the intricate climbing net challenges the physical potential of children. The hand-painted natural patterns, winding slide route and romantic bubble pool are all full of child interest and fun.

    Wonderful Reading Area
    Under the “Tree of Life”, a reading area is full of imagination and creativity and like a comfortable and quiet forest kingdom. Here children can not only feel the natural atmosphere and the joy of their playmates, but also explore an unknown world in those wonderful creative picture books.

    Beautiful Home of Princess
    Exclusive for girls, the Beautiful Home of Princess is equipped with various princess skirts, dressing tables, beauty tools and other props. Girls can choose different princess clothes and accessories and take splendid photos, becoming the most beautiful princesses in the forest.

    Funny Video Room
    Interacting with children, professional teachers broadcast edutainment films and spread educational concepts here, to lead children to learn and grow together.

    Occupational Experience Area
    The costumes and tools for children firemen and policemen are provided here. Rich professional experience allows children to feel different occupational funs and enhance their emotion with playmates.

    Parent-Child Interactive World
    Children can grow well only with the good accompaniment of their parents. Different from traditional spaces for children, the Parent-Child Interactive World sets up a supermarket, a children’s restaurant, and etc. so that parents and children have more interaction time and stay together more.

    In addition to providing scenes for fun, the Entertainment Area for Children can activate the imagination for urban greenism, and also enhance the cohesion of the whole community in the context of macro urban business.

    Design: Mind Design
    Contractor: Mind Fine Workmanship
    Photography: Sunmao Architectural Photography