Kingsley College Treehouse Block

  • Completed 2020
  • Location Rockhampton, Australia,
  • Design+Architecture completed the extension to the Kingsley College Treehouse Block with cohesion to the existing buildings in Rockhampton, Australia.

    Following steady growth in the Kingsley College student population, Design + Architecture was approached to create a full masterplan of the school as well as design the new Flexible Learning area extension and update outdoor space. The design prioritised signage and emphasised the connection between past and present. Located on the original build site of North Rockhampton’s first school, the school is surrounded by several busy roads and residential lots.

    As a part of the design philosophy, it was decided that the extension would create a separation between aesthetics. To create harmony with the existing 80-year old buildings, the extension reflects elements by using off-set gabled roofs and wide verandahs, while also incorporating a modern approach using large glass windows, high ceilings and more connection to the outdoors. The extension focuses on simplicity, using both simple material and construction methods to create modern, functional learning spaces.

    Built on flood prone land, the extension is raised above ground on concrete pillars. Above the pillars, the extension uses timber walls and roof framings. The outdoor learning area is designed to showcase a historic tree, emphasising the school’s connection with nature and its history.

    Design: Design+Architecture
    Photography: Scott Burrows