South Clearfield Elementary

  • area / size 98,000 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • Fielding International used innovation and open space to design a dynamic learning environment for South Clearfield Elementary in South Clearfield, Utah.

    The community needed a replacement school designed to support high quality and collaborative instructional practices in a setting where aspiring educators from local universities could observe, train, and collaborate. A building shape that could improve solar energy collection and maximize views to the surrounding mountains, while providing safe and secure ingress and egress, combined with a location that would preserve existing city park amenities and improve parking and traffic flow was identified and contributed to the project’s success.

    Designed for education, instead of having students and teachers having to make education work in a building, the physical environment of the new South Clearfield Elementary School supports the District’s educational program, while providing a variety of spaces to accommodate 21st century teaching and learning, meeting the individual needs of all students. This variety allows teachers to match the learning activity with the type of space that is conducive to that.

    A welcoming central heart serves as a connection to two learning community wings while also being ideal for school and community gatherings and performances. Additionally, the heart connects various specialty programs such as STEM and the arts. Learning community wings give students access to additional peers and adults and supports greater autonomy over their own learning. A flexible studio and the learning commons in each community wing considers future growth as well as non-traditional learning environments.

    Also acting as a “school within a school,” several universities and their education departments have offices and classrooms in the building for teaching, study, and hands-on experience.

    A Net Zero school, innovative elements include energy-efficient design and strategic building placement. A 608-panel photovoltaic array on the roof produces more energy than the school needs and makes use of geothermal energy, and a 312-pipe well field allows access to the earth’s continuous temperature to heat and cool the school, reducing the amount of electricity and lowering utility costs.

    Not only do students have renewed self-worth in a future-ready building, but the school provides a training ground for educators, collaborative teaching and learning spaces, and new recreation, performance, and inquiry-focused environments for the community to enjoy together.

    Design: Fielding International
    Architect of Record: Design West Architects
    Contractor: Hogan & Associates Construction
    Photography: Marissa Moss Photography