University of Texas at Austin Welcome Center

  • area / size 8,875 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Location Austin, Texas, , United States
  • McKinney York Architects completed the inviting and thoughtful space for the University of Texas at Austin with the Welcome Center in Austin, Texas.

    The University of Texas Welcome Center is the “front door” for prospective students, designed to introduce visitors to its unique energy, spirit, and possibilities. It expresses not only the remarkable education offered, but also the vision for a memorable college experience.

    Located in the former basement of the main campus library, the Center now opens out to Speedway Mall, the University’s main pedestrian thoroughfare, marked by a gestural awning and new glassy portal, which animate the otherwise blank, 20,000 sf façade. Subtle ramps and topographic manipulation complete the link between Mall and Center.

    The interior revolves around a theater for introductory presentations to tour groups. Stacked oak boards form the auditorium’s shell and the iconic Longhorn logo; inside, illuminated bronze mesh walls create a burnt-orange glow. Surrounding the auditorium, educational displays are presented in a gallery setting–a timeline of the University’s history, information about its colleges and schools, and videos highlighting student life.

    Design: McKinney York Architects
    Contractor: SpawGlass
    Photography: Leonid Furmansky