• area / size 11,302 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Location Leoben, Austria,
  • INNOCAD completed a museum-inspired space that reflects the surrounding city for Learnscape in Leoben, Austria.

    The new design for the knowledge and communication center in Leoben, Austria, includes the institution’s interior, integrated into the ground floor of the Museum Center Leoben, and the exterior design of the corresponding terrace towards the city’s townhall.

    The element of the circle is the conceptual link between the heterogenous parts of the existing museum building, a historic convent structure with an extension by Günther Domenig. A colored band of modular shelves extends the flooring’s raster into the third dimension, creating a spacial framework. The holistic concept offers different types of creative spaces, including stimulating, collaborating, reflective and playful with customized tactile and spatial qualities, aiming to support the intake of knowledge. The orange color scheme and abstract nature motifs are inspired by the city’s tradition as a steel and university city.

    Design: INNOCAD
    Design Team: Martin Lesjak, Patrick Handler, Jörg Kindermann, Fabio Molaro, Alexander Rothbart, Amila Smajlovic
    Photography: Paul Ott