Regent International School Bangkok

  • Completed 2021
  • Location Bangkok, Thailand,
  • Please Feel Invited completed a space that opens up room for alternative learning at the Regent’s International School Bangkok in Bangkok, Thailand.

    The transformation of the school’s common area into a warm and welcoming co-learning space designed to encourage creativity.

    Learning isn’t limited to the classroom. A strict and fixed educational system is long out of date, so are rigid four-wall classrooms. Learning spaces need to be able to inspire creativity and encourage curiosity so that learning can happen anywhere. Thus, our mission is to transform Regent’s facilities into flexible learning spaces that encourage students to see, learn and do at every turn.

    The school common area can become a place where students are exposed to learning opportunities. By removing walls and using multi-functional and movable furniture as boundary markers, a stronger connection is created between inside and outside the ‘classrooms’. And to make the overall space more inviting, curves and arches are applied to design of both space and furniture. In the Multi-purpose Room, walls are replaced by tier seatings that can be moved around to accommodate different learning scenarios. In the Canteen, multiple seating types are provided for comfort and convenience, with ceiling arches creating a playful cafe-like atmosphere that encourages creativity and flexible learning. Now everywhere is a place students can come to inspire and be inspired.

    Design: Please Feel Invited

    Design Team: Kan Vajaranant, Nichakarn Vichitpunt
    Photography: Piwat Shevakittikun