East Ridge Elementary School

  • area / size 95,551 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • Location Ogden, Utah, , United States
  • MHTN Architects was tasked with designing a dynamic learning space for the East Ridge Elementary School in Ogden, Utah.

    East Ridge Elementary School is a two-level educational facility designed with energetic grade-level learning communities and built-in support for the school’s robust arts programs. The 95,551 square-foot elementary school has been constructed on the play area directly east of the former elementary school that it replaced. With an active learning environment large enough to combine student bodies with an adjacent elementary school, East Ridge worked to solve boundary challenges for the district. Driving the school’s design were important concepts like community, local identity, and a relationship to nature. The site sits at the base of Lewis Peak with dramatic views of 3,000-foot cliffs that provided the inspiration for the building’s exterior colors and patterns.

    The design team hiked North Ogden Canyon to gather design ideas from the natural surroundings. Examples of native flora and fauna discovered were used as community identifiers for the different grade levels. Each classroom community contains signage and artwork depicting these elements such as the Silvery Blue Moth, Western Tanager, and Zion Sweet Pea Flower. A recurring grid pattern is seen throughout the school and is derived from the intersection of the Ogden City street-system with the Wasatch Front mountains, also depicted in the large mural behind the Learning Stair. The layout and design of the school creates a colorful and comfortable environment for elementary students to learn, explore, engage, and express creativity.

    Design: MHTN Architects
    Photography: Paul Richer | Richer Images