Highton Child and Family Centre

  • area / size 9,688 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Location Highton, Australia,
  • Brand Architects designed a thoughtful and sustainable space with color and comfort at the Highton Child and Family Centre in Highton, Australia.

    Highton Child and Family Centre is a 6 Star Green Star rated building constructed by the City of Greater Geelong as a part of its new forward-thinking Sustainable Building Policy. It now acts as a flagship building for other Green Star projects under construction by the municipality.

    Sitting on a site at Bellaire Primary School, the building comprises of two activity rooms for kindergarten and multipurpose use, a maternal and child health suite, community rooms and staff facilities. It sits in a leafy, revegetated landscape and the external walls themselves are to be ‘greened’ by allowing Boston Ivy creepers to climb up their surface.

    Sustainability has been worked into every stage of the building process from ensuring steel was responsibly sourced for the building’s frame, to designing above Australian standards in an effort to ensure the building can adapt to future climate shifts. Minimising the use of externally supplied energy and water was a particular priority of the project leading to the use of solar panels, stormwater re-use in the garden and toilets and highly water-efficient fittings.

    Design: Brand Architects
    Photography: Rachael Dere